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Chose your Project:

Heart to Heart supports sustainable, collaborative and effective development projects within each host community through university partnerships and individual student programs.


Community development projects are a part of all Heart to Heart programs. The collaborative project serves as a major component of the experiential and academic program. Heart to heart matches the skills and interests of each group with the appropriate community proposed project. Current project areas include:


    Health Care –


Medical outreach in rural villages and provide health education in schools



Environmental Protection –


Reforest depleted ecosystems and reintroduce lost species. Building butterfly farm.



         Construction –


Building an elementary school. Building bathrooms, repairing schools


Education and Literacy –


Assist Teachers in local schools and tutor small groups.


            Sewing Training -


This project intends to help marginalized and vulnerable girls and women from remote/rural areas by addressing the issues through sewing Training.

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